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6a – 10a Mon – Fri

The Morning Ride

The American Biker Minute with Jeff RyanTraffic & Weather Together, news and so much more is all squeezed in with the most Real Classic Rock in the morning from the biggest Real Classic Rock library in the 4 Corners!




HMCNoon – 1p Mon – Fri

The Hair Metal Cafe

Nothing but a full hour of Glam Rock with Dee Snider’s House Of Hair Cuts every weekday



2p – 7p Mon – Fri

The Drive Home With Chopsticks

Nothing but the best Real Classic Rock to get you home, with the 5 O’clock 4-Play and the All Request hour from 5p – 6p.


7p – 12a Mon – Saturday

Nights with Alice Cooper.

As someone once posted “Without Alice Cooper, there might never have been the NY Dolls, KISS, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Motley Crue, Slipknot or Rob Zombie … maybe not even David Bowie, or at least not Ziggy Stardust.”  And without NWAC your radio from 7 – mid would sound like this (static or easy listening music).


12a – 1a Saturday

Album Trax

A full hour of uninterrupted commercial free Real Classic Rock albums!


12a – 3a  Sunday

Midnight Metal Madness

Chopsticks is your host for two full hours of Real Classic Metal! Metallica, Dio, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Deep Purple, Motorhead, Saxon and hee list goes on and on!


9a – 11a Sunday

Racing Rocks with Riki Rachtman

It’s racing, it’s rock. It’s Racing Rocks with legendary and original MTV Head Bangers Ball VJ Riki Rachtman.




Noon – 3p  Sunday

House Of Hair with Dee Snider

Crack open a fresh can of Aqua Net yer BuzzCut is here!


3p – 4p Sunday

Get The Led Out with Carol Miller

Nationally known Zeppelin expert, and super-fan, Carol Miller, hosts an hour of Zeppelin music, stories, and interviews.



7p – Mid Sunday

The Wolfman Jack Radio Show

It’s like you jumped in your own personal time machine! The Wolfman is back after all these years. Howling over the airwaves with his calls, visits and of course classics!



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