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Four historic sets in their original performance sequence. Over the course of four extraordinary years, Jimi Hendrix placed his indelible stamp upon popular music with breathtaking velocity.  Measured alongside his triumphs at Monterey Pop and Woodstock, Hendrix’s legendary Fillmore East concerts illustrated a critical turning point in a radiant career filled with indefinite possibilities.

The revolutionary impact Jimi Hendrix, Billy Cox and Buddy Miles had upon the boundaries and definitions of rock, R&B, and funk can be traced to four concerts over the course of two captivating evenings.  These performances were first celebrated by Band of Gypsys, which featured six songs from the two January 1, 1970 concerts. Issued in April 1970, Band of Gypsys challenged and surprised the wide following of Jimi Hendrix with its extended arrangements and vibrant mix of rock and soul.


1.    Changes (1/1/70, first set)

2.    Earth Blues (1/1/70, first set)

3.    Ezy Ryder (12/31/69, second set)

4.    Fire (12/31/69, second set)

5.    Foxey Lady (1/1/70, first set)

6.    Hey Joe (1/1/70, second set)

7.    Lover Man (1/1/70, second set)

8.    Message of Love (12/31/69, second set)

9.    Purple Haze (1/1/70, second set)

10.   Steal Away (1/1/70, second set)

11.   Wild Thing (1/1/70, second set)


Wolfman Jack



That’s right Jack! The worlds most famous radio DJ comes back thanks to the magic of technology and he can be heard exclusively on 92.5 KRWN every Sunday night from 7p – Midnight!

5 hours of Real Classic Rock and Super Hits from the 60’s & 70’s.

One of radio’s most distinctive voices, “Wolfman Jack” was born Robert Smith in Brooklyn, New York on January 21, 1938. A longtime fan of radio, Smith first hit the airwaves as “Daddy Jules” on Newport News, Virginia station WYOU-AM. In 1962, Smith became “Big Smith” for station KCIJ/ Shreveport, Louisiana. Here, he drew upon his love of horror movies and rock and roll to create the raspy-voiced, howling persona of “Wolfman Jack.”In the mid 1960s, the Wolfman crossed the border to Mexico and joined the 250,000-watt powerhouse XERF-AM. Thanks to XERF and later XERB-AM, the Wolfman reached most of the southwestern United States while selling everything from coffins to inspirational literature.In 1969, the Wolfman returned to America and KDAY/Los Angeles. The following year, he began an association with Armed Forces Radio that would last until 1986. In 1972, he moved back to his hometown and joined WNBC/New York.For all of his fame, many of Wolfman Jack’s fans had never seen him until 1973, when he appeared in George Lucas’ hit film American Graffiti and began an eight-year stint as host of NBC-TV’s Midnight Special.“Wolfman Jack” died on July 1, 1995.“Wolfman Jack” was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1996.



What Real Classic Rock song do you want to hear?

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Cooks of Anarchy

Cooks of Anarchy

Aunt John’s Sausage Biscuit Balls







Now we don’t know exactly what the history of this country loving breakfast, snack, appetizer thingy is or where it comes from, but we can tell you that these are just plain g-double o-d good!

This recipe came from my (Shawn) Aunt John from Columbia, Tennessee. She would make these early in the morning. Bright & early in the morning. She was the kind that would have breakfast on the table ready to go at 6am. And if you didn’t get it while it was hot, well, you had a long time before lunch.

Shawn: She used to tell me…”Junior..breakfast is served at 6…and if yer late…you don’t ate!”

Aimee: Now these are very simple ingrediants and the whole thing makes about 40 – 50 balls and cost around $5.50 – $7.00 to make. And they are sooooo good. You can just pop these in your mouth in the morning and out the door you go.

Shawn: First let’s look at the ingrediants:

Bisquick                        3 cups

Cheddar Cheese         8oz

Sausage                      1lb  (Hot or Maple, but pork is the best in this case)

Pepper                        1/2 teaspoon

That’s all it takes.

Aimee: Just preheat the oven to 400 degrees and don’t grease the pan!

Shawn: While the oven is getting ready follow these instructions. Make sure to keep your hands a bit wet because the dough mixture is going to be a little sticky.

Aimee: Don’t grease or flour your hands, there will be plenty of grease from the un-cooked sausage.

1:         Pour 3 cups of Bisquick and into a large bowl.

2.        Mix the Bisquick with 8 oz. of shredded cheese.

3.        Add 1 pound of ground, raw, pork sausage.

4.       Add 1/2 tsp of black pepper.

5.       Add 1 tsp of chili powder or 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper or both (optional cuz we like thangs a little bit hot hot!)

Shawn: Now squish it all together with your hands….and make sure it oozes through your fingers.

Aimee: That’s the only part I don’t like….that’s why you do it.

Shawn: Get a regular size spoon and form the mixture onto your ungreased cooking sheet.

Aimee:  Each ball should be a bit smaller than a golf ball.

Shawn: Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

Aimee: While these are baking, you will just smell the crispy sausage and flakey cheesey-ness all over the house, especially if you use maple sausage.

Shawn: After your kids and husband taste these they will be buggin’ you to make these all the time.

Aimee: Now you can make a few batches and put about 6 or 8 in seperate freezer bags and freeze them to heat up in the microwave the next day.

Shawn: Aunt John’s Sausage Biscuite Balls are great for parties, breakfast or a quick snack.

Aimee: And if you want, you can even whip up a quick side of cream gravy to pour over or to dip in for an extra treat.

So as they say…”Praise the Lord & pass the gravy!”

Cooks Of Anarchy with Shawn & Aimee are coming to getcha!

We hope you enjoy.

Shawn & Aimee

5 O’Clock 4 Play

5 O’Clock 4 Play

What is your 5 O’Clock 4 Play?

List your 4 in a row to hear every weekday at 5:00! If you hear your 4 play you are qualified to win a pizza party from Domino’s! Which includes 4 large 1 topping pizzas, two orders of bread twists and two 2 liter bottle of sodas. All to be delivered to your place of business for lunch!



5 O'Clock 4 Play

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Tattoo You

Tattoo You