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Strain Your Brain

Strain Your Brain

Past Strain Your Brain questions and answers.

Q: The average person spends 1.2 years of their life doing  what?
A: Blinking
Robin Comer is the winner of a pair of tickets to WWE Wrestling May 31st at the Santa Ana Star Center in Rio Rancho, NM.
Q: The Average American does what 22 times a day?
A:  Opens Fridge
Eldrick John won a rack of ribs and Texas Taco from Serious Texas BBQ!
Q: 17% of of woman have done this at least once. What is it?
A: Dropped their makeup in the toilet
Cordell Jones won a $25 gift card to Que Rico courtesy of Comfort Solution Mechanical.
Q: 17% of people regret not learning what?
A: How to play the guitar
Will Julianto won a $25 gift card to Que Rico courtesy of Comfort Solution Mechanical.
Q: According to one survey, 6 million American men, ages 35 to 54, have eaten this and denied it. What?
A: The last slice of pie
Mamie Goldtooth won a $25 gift card to Que Rico courtesy of Comfort Solution Mechanical.
Q: 61% of men say you don not touch this at home! What is it? 
A: Thermostat .
 Curtis Crosby won a $25 gift card to Que Rico courtesy of Comfort Solution Mechanical.
Q: 13% of people admit to doing this in the bathroom at work.. What is it? 
A: Play games on their phone.
 Eldrich John won a $25 gift card to Que Rico courtesy of Comfort Solution Mechanical.
Q: 22% of people say the ignore this type of warning. What is it? 
A: Food Recall
Sarah Trujillo won a $25 gift card to Riverside Pizza courtesy of Comfort Solution Mechanical.
Q: 48% of women do this 2 time a week? 
A: Vacuum
Eldrick John win a $25 gift card to Serious Texas BBQ courtesy of Comfort Solution Mechanical.
Q: The average man will do this 3 hours a week. What is it? 
A: Sit on the toilet
Q: 70% of people own one of these. What is it? 
A: A pet. (Too easy!)
Q: 20% of drivers break this law every day. What is it? 
A: Park in a Handicap spot.
Q: More than 80% of Americans will fake this at least 3 times a year. Fake what? 
A: Someone else’s signature
Q: 85% of Americans say you should never do this before 8a. What is it? 
A: Call someone.
Q: A study found that ordering this on your first date doubles the odds of getting a second date. What? 
A: Sushi
Q: If the U.S. Army is #1 in buying explosives, who is #2?

 A: “Disneyland”

Q: What is the most annoying catch phrase at the office?

 A: “Give 110 percent!”

Q: 23% of adults say they always forget to do what?

 A: Flush

Q: 14% of men say they have never done this routine household chore. What is it?

 A: Replacing the toilet paper roll

Q: The average person will spend 8 minutes a day doing what?
A: Taking a shower.
Q: If you were to visit the moon, you would find 96 of these lying around.
A: Bags of poop the Astronauts have left behind.
Q:What is Americas favorite Girl Scout cookie.
A: Smores
Q:Experts say if you smell like _______ you will have a better chance at romance. What is it?.
A: Vanilla
Q: 28% of Americans say this, makes them late for work.
A: Hangover.
Q: Doing this, is about the same as working out for an hour.
A: Mopping the floor.
Q: Nearly 15% of Americans say they have done this via text message. What?
A: Dump an ex.
Q: 20% of people touch this before they buy it. What is it?
A: Greeting card.
Q: What is the one thing most people want to do on vacation?
A: Nothing.
Q: Although these are no longer used, 50% of us keep them in our home?
A: A phone book.
Q: The average person does this for 15 months during their lifetime?
A: Blink.
Q: The average guy will do this 3,250 times a year. What is it?
A:  Flush the toilet.
Q: The average person will do this 4 times a day. What is it?
A:  Start their car.
Q: What’s the most common time we wake up, when we have trouble sleeping?
A:  2:51a.
Q: 15% of us have been told by our boss to stop doing what?
A:  Stop shopping on line.
Q: 1 Out Of 5 men take this on vacation. What is it?
A:  A Pillow
Q: 1 Out Of 4 people who wear glasses suffer from what?
A:  Insomnia
Q: 35% of adults under the age of 35 has nver had a drink of what?
A:  Kool-Aid.”
Q: 47% of men have accidentally done this with a new girlfriend. What is it?
A:  Said “I love you.”
Q: What is the #2 Christmas show according to adults ages 35-40?
A:  Christmas Vacation.
Q: The average person spends 26 minutes doing what, this time of year?
A:  Saying Merry Christmas.
Q: On an average, we spend 3 years of our lives doing what?
A:  Siting on the toilet.
Q: 90% of American homes has this in their kitchen right now. What is it?
A:  A box of cereal.
Q: The average says they have 9 of these?
A:  Friends.
Q: The average American has 13 of these?
A:  Vacation days.
Q: 82% of parents say they love that school is back in session, because it gives their kids less time to do what?
A:  Use Social Media
Q: 1 in 3 people love the taste of what?
A:  Envelope/Stamp Glue.
Q: To an older man, this is the most erotic smell?
A:  Vanilla.
Q: 1 out of 6 pregnant women, crave what?
A:  Coal.
Q: 85% of people do this every day without thinking about it. What is it?
A:  Steal.
Q: 50% of todays married men, say their mother in law is______what?
A:  Hot.
Q: The smarter you are, the more likely you are to have a what?
A:  Phobia.
Q: What is the most common livestock (animals raised for commercial purposes) in the world?
A: Chickens, there are over 11 billion chickens in the world.
Q: By 60 years of age, 60% of men and 40% of women will do this. What? 
A: Snore.
Q:  If you could stack all of these that McDonalds serves in one day on top of each other, it would be about four times the size of the Empire State Building! What is it?
A:  Sausage patties.
Q: 12% of American teenager hide “WHAT” from their parents? 
A: Bible


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